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Yoga Stretches For the Back and Stomach

yoga stretches for the back

Modern yoga is based on ancient asanas (postures). Kundalini yoga is one of many types of yoga that emphasises meditation, but many people simply call it yoga or prenatal yoga. Yoga is gaining popularity not only in the US but in many other countries and regions worldwide. This trend has some very good reasons. Here are some yoga basics you may want to know about yoga stretches for the back and stomach.

Yoga Stretches for the Back

Yoga’s main goal is to increase flexibility and strength. The upward dog pose is one of many asanas that strengthen the body. This is one of the easiest and most effective yoga poses to learn. The downward dog pose is also great for back muscles.

Initial Position

When learning the up-down dog pose, many people struggle because the torso moves too much. Perform the pose on the floor to help relieve any muscle pain. Beginner’s position: Back on the floor, hands near thighs. Your palms should be facing upwards.

Step 1

Bring one arm behind your head and extend it, while bringing the other arm in toward your thigh. Take a deep exhale and draw your arms out toward your thighs, elbows just above the knees Exhale and let your shoulders and head fall. Your abdominal muscles should be tense.

Step 2

Next, draw your right hand to your left thumb. Your right hand will continue to move toward your left as you slowly bend your right knee forward to place your opposite hand on the floor directly opposite your hips. Bring both hands to your legs and focus on your abdominal muscles as you inhale and exhale toward your stomach.

Step 3

Inhale deeply, focusing on your abdominal muscles and diaphragm. Then, simply move your hands forward toward your hips to rotate your shoulders and upper body. You can rotate your arms in a clockwise motion or a counter clockwise direction. You can even circle your hands.

Step 4

To begin, lift your feet straight over your chest, then bend your knees and lift them. Keep your heels on the floor and lift your feet while rotating your hips clockwise. Rep with your other foot. After completing the basic Yoga poses, focus on your breathing by gently bringing your breath up to the tops of your shoulders.

Forward Fold Pose

The forward fold is the easiest Yoga position to do because it requires the least body movement and balancing. In addition, the forward fold allows you to easily lift your feet. Other balancing poses are easier to do, but the Yoga forward fold is one of the best.

Extended Forward Fold Pose

The extended forward fold is a common Yoga pose that targets the shoulders. It stretches the neck, upper back, shoulders, and shoulders. Begin by standing with feet hip distance apart and knees slightly bent. Extend one arm straight ahead of you and hold it for two breaths.

Upward Facing Dog Pose

The upward-facing dog is one of the easiest Yoga stretches for the thighs (or commonly referred to as the “dog” pose). Begin by sitting on the floor, palms on the balls of your feet. Cross your legs over one another, one inside the other, elbows on the ground. Bring your opposite leg forward, heel off the floor.

On the next inhale, slowly raise your lower back until your chest is level with your shoulders. Next, extend both arms straight up into the sky, palms facing up. Raise your heels and inhale deeply. Inhale for five breaths, then slowly exhale for five more. This Yoga stretch works your chest, stomach, buttocks, and hips.

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