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Power Yoga – Taking it to the Next Level

Power Yoga

Do you require energy? Try Power Yoga.

Core power yoga is a high-intensity yoga practise that combines physical and mental difficulties with a heated, climate-controlled Vinyasa flow to help you connect to your inner strength. Through balance and intention, it heals, detoxifies, and stimulates the body and mind.

It is a dynamic, demanding workout that incorporates strength, sweat, and spirituality. It distinguishes between three types of power: physical, mental, and spiritual. Physical power enhances the body’s strength and improves health; mental power, or the will to concentrate on the exercise; and spiritual power, which is the power behind the physical and mental force.

Core power yoga is a Westernized variant of Ashtanga Yoga, which originated in India. Beryl Bender Birch, an Ashtanga Yoga teacher, coined the name. It was introduced to the west by followers of Sri K Pattabhi Jois, a well-known Sanskrit scholar whose Ashtanga Yoga technique and philosophy attracted in Western yogis.

Power Yoga is described as the practise of Yoga Poses in a never-ending series of exercises. The Vinsaya, or “riding the breath,” is performed in conjunction with the practise.  This allows you to transition from one stance to another with ease.

It is distinguished by powerful movements that put your physical, mental, and attention talents to the test. This allows you to connect with and connect with your inner power.

Different Programs

In power yoga, there are three different programs to choose from.

  • “Core Power” is an abs-focused Vinyasa power yoga stance and a variety of muscle-toning techniques meant to strengthen the abdominals and back.
  • The goal of “Unlocking Athletic Power” is to create flexible strength in the abs, back, hips, and pelvis.
  • “Soul of Strength,” on the other hand, is a fast-paced power yoga class with a strong “mind-body” focus and includes extremely difficult exercises.

Core Power

It is a sequence of asanas that are performed together. In this you can practice squats, half plank pose, downward facing dog pose, standing leg raise, markat posture etc. Since it requires a lot of energy from us, we recommend that you do a warm-up before practicing it. Also, only do it under the guidance of a trainer.

Yoga sessions take place in a warm room and include a variety of cardiovascular practises designed at boosting strength and flexibility, stamina, concentration, releasing stress, and sweating away impurities.

The performance of yoga poses is also a requirement of core power yoga. Stances are completed quickly, with certain poses lasting longer than the requisite five breaths. This exercise can help you improve your physical endurance as well as your ability to concentrate on a topic for an extended period of time without becoming distracted.

What makes core power yoga different from other exercises?

Power yoga enables you to focus for extended amounts of time without becoming distracted. If you need to focus completely on anything, power yoga may be the ideal choice for you.

With a unique curriculum offering, Core Power Yoga focuses on core strength, balance, and flow to build a powerful and spiritual practise. Hot Yoga, Yoga Sculpt, Bootcamps, Teacher Trainings, and Mat Pilates are just a few of the classes available. Furthermore, it gives better instructors who are personally invested in the growth of students, as well as powerful and forceful leaders who pay more attention to the needs of pupils. This exercise’s teachers also work with kids to personalise their programmes and foster a sense of belonging and community. Finally, it offers high-quality facilities with one-of-a-kind top-tier amenities and a serene atmosphere.

This exercise has numerous health benefits; it lengthens and stretches muscles while also increasing stamina, strength, and lean muscular mass. It also raises body heat, which kills some microorganisms and induces a finely tuned state of awareness of the body’s workings. The goal of core power yoga is breath movement coordination, which connects the body, mind, and spirit at the deepest level.

Those who desire to increase their performance in sports such as cycling, football, swimming, skiing, surfing, running/athlete, martial arts, and other team sports can try Core Power Yoga. Some sports training grounds use this activity as a gateway to aerobics.

Core power yoga has the ability to alter both your body and mind!


Helps Burn Calories

In power yoga, you have to do a lot of movements and you have to put more speed and energy to practice each asana, so practicing this yoga helps you to burn more calories than regular yoga.

Increases Flexibility

Although most exercises help in increasing the flexibility of our body, due to the aerobic energy in power yoga, it helps in bringing the flexibility of our body to the next level. It also helps in stretching most of the parts of your body.

Benefits of Power Yoga

Getting Rid of Toxins

Power yoga, like cardio, aerobics, and dance activities, causes you to sweat abundantly as a result of the increased energy involved. Along with sweat, it also removes toxins from the body.

It improves stamina

The ability to preserve physical energy is known as stamina. It’s also known as endurance or steadiness. It practised for a long time and consistently boosts stamina levels. It also helps build physical strength.

Help to Sleep Well

It is claimed that after practising power yoga, you will be exhausted to the point where you will be unable to sleep well at night. This, however, is not the case. Power yoga, like other types of yoga and exercise, can improve your sleep. Power Yoga stretches your muscles and relaxes your mind, allowing you to sleep better.

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